The foundation of our program is built on relationships.   Our program believes that positive, lifelong impact occurs when foster parents not only provide care for the child in their home, but focus on creating relationships with the children’s family with the goal of sustaining change - Beyond Fostering.   Our foster parents are valued partners and active members on children’s treatment teams and we will support you and your family in building and nurturing lifelong connections with children and their families.  Research has shown that strong and healthy relationships are key in providing the safety children need to heal from trauma.  Foster parents who are emotionally available and patient help create the right environment for children to heal and learn healthy ways to cope.  Parenting a child who has experienced trauma is challenging but rewarding - we educate and support foster families through this in the following ways:

  • Training - 48 hours of training prior to accepting placement and ongoing training after licensure in a variety of topics and specialties
  • All of our staff and foster parents receive specialized training in order to best meet the needs of the children and families served in the program.  In addition to receiving the State of Wisconsin Foster Parent Foundations training, all staff and foster parents are trained in Risking Connection®, an evidence-informed philosophy of treatment that strives to improve three self capacities:  inner connection to others, worthiness of life and feelings management. 
  • Accessibility - Minimally weekly contact with masters-level staff when a child is in placement, access to a crisis phone answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, planned respite
  • Connections - access to foster parent support groups, involvement in program development, lifelong connections, recognition
  • Equal Partners - valued team member within a child’s treatment team and the Beyond Fostering TFC program
  • Financial reimbursement for children in placement
  • Title 19 health insurance for foster children

The program utilized the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) Assessment tool.  This is a research based behavioral assessment that uses a scientifically validated questionnaire to measure a child’s well being across 12 behavioral domains.  The questionnaire can be completed electronically and multiple times throughout a child’s placement.  It works best when multiple members of the child’s treatment team complete it in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the child and identified challenges.  Results from the questionnaire are shared with the child’s treatment team to inform treatment planning and goal setting.

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